Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mobilegeddon : How This Mobile Algorithm Updates Impact on Mobile friendly websites and Pages

Like other Google updates Mobilegeddon updates made scary to Search Engine Optimizers and business owners of all over the Globe. This Mobilegeddon updates came in the existence for the mobile friendly websites and Web Pages to boost their rankings in mobile search results. Those business owners who have not their websites and web pages as mobile friendly they are little scary as their search ranking went down in to mobile search results. But they should not worry as this update does not impact on tablet and desktop searches. There is not any ranking down in tablets and desktop searches. This update is page level mobile ranking boost update means if a website have some pages mobile friendly and some pages are not mobile friendly then there is boosts in ranking only mobile friendly pages not the whole website will boost in search ranking results.

Day by day mobile users are growing day by day and smarts phone are replacing tablets and desktops. So, It is important to shift non mobile friendly websites and Web Pages to mobile friendly websites and web pages. The Mobilegeddon updates negatively impacts on those websites ranking which were not mobile friendly hence they lose major search rankings in mobile searches. There was major drop in,,,, etc while there was also positive impact of many websites and Web Pages and boosts on their search rankings like,,, etc  gain huge search rankings.

Keep in mind one thing that this mobile friendly update only impacts on mobile friendly websites and web pages in mobile searches only. These mobile friendly websites and Web Pages boosts in their rankings in mobile searches rather than desktop and tablets search engine results. Business owners who have not their websites mobile friendly, don’t be scary, keep working on mobile friendly websites there is not any negative impacts on desktop and tablets search results.

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