Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Latest Search Engine Optimization Tips

 Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular fields in the world of internet Marketing. It is growing day by day with new ideas and strategies. A successful webmaster follows the strategies and ideas according to the Google's updates. In the last few years Google updated its algorithm like Google Panda, Google Penguin and Humming Birds. A successful webmaster always does Search Engine Optimization in guidelines of the Search Engine's Algorithm. There are many factors which influence Search Engine Optimization directly and indirectly but following are the main factors which important for webmasters to get success -
1 - On-page Optimization : One page optimization play very important role for good Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)  and page ranking of the websites. A search engine friendly websites created very carefully from its beginning, so that it is easily indexed by search engines crawlers and visible in to SERP when a user search related topics in search engines. On page optimization plays key role in the site ranking, as title and descriptions visible in to the search engines result pages when a user searches and types any related keyword and key phrase. On page optimization is not related to design of the websites, as websites designed once in beginning and it remains constants for long time while on page factors need time to time checking and changing for indexing. The most important issues related to on page optimization are meta tags, URLs, usability, navigation, index options and no follow, heading tags, sitemaps, redirects, multi languages issue, pagination, canonical URLs, duplicate content, robots.txt, schema snippets, sub-domains, folders and others
2 - Social Media : Social Media play important role to bring traffics on websites which boosts your business. Social Media also increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the web sites, both factors play big role in websites ranking. A page or content which is viral on social sites is also given importance by search engines too. So, social media are good plate form to promote our web pages, websites, contents and products. The most important social media signals for SEO are shares and Likes on Face book, links to Tweets and Retweets on Twitter, Shares and +1 on Google+ and Pins on pinterest.
3 - Contents: It is said that content is the king for Ranking and as well as for traffic. A website which has fresh and original content then its ranking would good and would trust able for the users too. Google Panda came in to existence to remove the bad and thin content as people like the good quality and fresh content. In case of articles and blogs, good contents have its regular readers and followers on internet which provide good traffics. A good and quality content always attracts the visitors on social media and organic traffic. In this way you get more traffic and back links from these sources if your contents are fresh and natural.
4 - Author Rank : Google+ play very important role in getting traffic and in high search engine's result pages(SERP). By configuring Google own profile every author can links his/her own article with Google+ by using authorship markup and rel=author. Active participation in Google+ increases the websites rankings in Google. Articles which have higher Author Ranks are visible higher in Search Engines Result Pages (SERP). Google + are very important to increase Author Ranks and thus high SERP of a website.

5 - Mobile: Researches Shows that more than 25 % of all web traffic comes from mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. A good webmaster would not ignore this traffic and would create a mobile supporting website. The best approach to materialize this traffic is to build your website responsive. A responsive website would able to open on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. By making responsive websites we can gain traffics from all media including mobiles and tablets.

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