Saturday, November 22, 2014

Top SEO Trends Dominating in Online Marketing

SEO is a wide and much interested topic to discuss on Internet. It has become one of the most popular topics in the field of Internet marketing or online marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and branding of business. We have seen in the past that Google has changed it strategies many time and thus we changed our SEO strategies accordingly. Many of our strategies failed to attain good SERP and many of them we got success to get good SERP. We cannot for cost that which strategy would get success and which one would not. In field of SEO success and failure of strategies can estimate only after experiments of that strategy which we apply. Some of strategies which have successfully experimented by webmasters are as follow –
1-Google Authorship: As rich snippets came in existence, business owner’s realized the importance of Google Authorship and using Author Rank seriously. Google has confirmed that they use Author Rank in to the Ranking, after that most of the business owners using this strategy to attain good rank. Authorship Snippets increase the reputation and trustworthiness of authors as well as on which the content is published.
2-Social Media: Social media are playing big role in diverting traffics towards websites by referrals and also in content spreading. Brands are realizing the importance of social media to attract traffic towards it. According to recent researches Face book drove 21.25% off all traffic sites receive, Pinterest came in 2nd at just 7% of all traffic and Twitter with 1% of all website traffic. These social sites help business owners to promote their brands, contents and websites to their target market.
3-Content Marketing: Content Marketing is one of the most important strategies to brands awareness, authority, credibility, and social media awareness and conversation rates.

4-Guest Blogging: Guest blogging was big step in the SEO for SEO professionals and online marketers; they use guest blogging for link building, brand authority, credibility and other benefits. But one should follow the Mat Cuts statements of “good “guest blogging and “bad” guest blogging. Bad guest blogging means of getting links while good guest blogging means contributing good content to build your audience reputation. Guest blogger should follow the Mat Cuts statements of good guest blogging.

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