Friday, March 16, 2018

SEO Success Guides in 2018 (Part-1)

It is said that SEO is not rocket science & also there is not any shortcut to achieve top ranking in Search Engines. Time to time Search Engines changed their traditional & old methods of Search Ranking by adapting new methods of ranking factors. These advance methods based on understanding of what people want when they search and why they want it.
We can say that modern SEO strategy is the process of organized website’s content by topic which helps Search Engines to understand a user’s intent when searching.

SEO success is not based on limited factors but is based on many factors.
It is not possible to explain all factors in single article. Most important factors which impacts on SEO ranking are:
  • Technical Factors: Indexing, crawling, schema, page speed, site structure, URL structure are some technical factors that impact on SEO success.
  • On-Page: Content which are visible to user on webpage like text, images, videos, adios & content which are visible to search engines like HTML tags, structured data are on page.
  • Off-Page: Link building strategies that grow websites authority, relevance & trust amongst audiences. Link building, social media marketing, PPC marketing, reviews, guest posting, forum posting & user generated content are successful off page methods.

In this article we will discuss most important areas which is booster for SEO success.

Search Experience Optimization

We all know that SEO is acronym of SearchEngine Optimization means optimizing our websites for search engine. Now days experts are considering SEO as Search Experience Optimization. Search experience optimization is optimizing for people in all the places your brand and content could possibly appear. Search strategies require us to create brand experiences, using the search results to build relevance. Researches show that more than 90% online experience begins with search engines. So, Search strategies require us to create brand experiences, using the search results to build relevance. Present-day SEO strategies need us to creative to get visibility in searches.

Ranking Above the FoldTop organic ranking is not always on top when we talk in context of devices like mobile & desktop. When we search on mobile, there are not organic results above the fold in most of the searches. It is the paid search which appear above the fold in mobile searches. On desktop search, the organic result we can see is featured snippets and not simple organic result.

In google, paid search can supplements organic search results, so, aside from paid search you also have to struggle with prominent search features, which vary depending on the query. You have to optimize in each and every possible way to improve visibility of your brand. Some time first in organic search will not matter because that will not show first in search. Following image is the best example.

News And Social Content: Google News and social content are areas where your content can gain great visibility.In order to rank/appear in these areas, you need a good understanding of your space and how Google responds to a query. News and social are wholly dependent on the freshness of query.

Knowledge Panels : Google’s knowledge panels, powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph, display the business basics like - Location, Phone Numbers, Ratings & Hours Operation.
Appearing in knowledge graph area builds trust in your brand and ranking in searches.
People Also Ask: People Also ask is a search feature which related to the search query you searched in search engine. These are the keywords which people are searching for. We can use these keywords in our contents to pull these audiences where we want to reach.

People Also Ask : People Also ask is a search feature which related to the search query you searched in search engine. These are the keywords which people are searching for. We can use these keywords in our contents to pull these audiences where we want to reach.

Apply SEO to Different Platforms : We should apply SEO on different parts of search results to appear our brands on most possible platforms when someone searches.These are   
  • App Store Optimization
  • Video Optimization (e.g YouTube)
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Third-party sites and vertical search engines (e.g., Amazon and Yelp)
These searchable platforms make our brand popular & visible in search engine results (Google, Bing etc.) as well.

Summary: Be visible on each and every platform as much as you can. Optimize your content beyond the search engines which will provide you additional search engine results. Assume SEO as Search Experience Optimization, not just Search Engine Optimization.
There are two more most important areas of SEO success, we will discuss in next 2 posts.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Google AdWords Latest Updates, Beta Version Vs Old Version

Last year Google launched new version of Google AdWords having some additional features to that of its old version. The purpose of new beta version is to make Google AdWords faster & to improve campaigns based on your business goals.


  • New version is 20% faster than old version. Thus, it saves time to access most accessible features which you use most.
  • Additional features improve your campaign and help to grow our business.
  • Gain actionable insights with new graphs and powerful reporting tools.
  • There will not be any performance changes in new version & your campaign will run in same manner as you are familiar with.
  • You can always switch back to previous AdWords version if you want.
  • New Version does not have any cost, it is free.
   We can switch from old version to new version by clicking try the faster AdWords at bottom of old version.Here’s what the new experience currently looks like when you navigate to your account dashboard.

In Compare to old dashboard we can see lot of functionality & usability changes.

Some love it and have been dying for a refresh. But that also means many die-hard users are going to have to spend extra time getting used to it.Uncovering the same features will take some getting used to.

If you don’t want a change, you can always revert to the old AdWords for now.
To do so, click the three-dot drop-down menu in the top right corner of your AdWords dashboard and then select “Return to previous AdWords" . 

This will take you back to your previous version of AdWords Dashboard.
But if you want to stick on new platform you will see changed dashboard with new features.
We will discuss advantages & disadvantages of new AdWords features in future. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mobilegeddon : How This Mobile Algorithm Updates Impact on Mobile friendly websites and Pages

Like other Google updates Mobilegeddon updates made scary to Search Engine Optimizers and business owners of all over the Globe. This Mobilegeddon updates came in the existence for the mobile friendly websites and Web Pages to boost their rankings in mobile search results. Those business owners who have not their websites and web pages as mobile friendly they are little scary as their search ranking went down in to mobile search results. But they should not worry as this update does not impact on tablet and desktop searches. There is not any ranking down in tablets and desktop searches. This update is page level mobile ranking boost update means if a website have some pages mobile friendly and some pages are not mobile friendly then there is boosts in ranking only mobile friendly pages not the whole website will boost in search ranking results.

Day by day mobile users are growing day by day and smarts phone are replacing tablets and desktops. So, It is important to shift non mobile friendly websites and Web Pages to mobile friendly websites and web pages. The Mobilegeddon updates negatively impacts on those websites ranking which were not mobile friendly hence they lose major search rankings in mobile searches. There was major drop in,,,, etc while there was also positive impact of many websites and Web Pages and boosts on their search rankings like,,, etc  gain huge search rankings.

Keep in mind one thing that this mobile friendly update only impacts on mobile friendly websites and web pages in mobile searches only. These mobile friendly websites and Web Pages boosts in their rankings in mobile searches rather than desktop and tablets search engine results. Business owners who have not their websites mobile friendly, don’t be scary, keep working on mobile friendly websites there is not any negative impacts on desktop and tablets search results.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Latest Search Engine Optimization Tips

 Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular fields in the world of internet Marketing. It is growing day by day with new ideas and strategies. A successful webmaster follows the strategies and ideas according to the Google's updates. In the last few years Google updated its algorithm like Google Panda, Google Penguin and Humming Birds. A successful webmaster always does Search Engine Optimization in guidelines of the Search Engine's Algorithm. There are many factors which influence Search Engine Optimization directly and indirectly but following are the main factors which important for webmasters to get success -
1 - On-page Optimization : One page optimization play very important role for good Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)  and page ranking of the websites. A search engine friendly websites created very carefully from its beginning, so that it is easily indexed by search engines crawlers and visible in to SERP when a user search related topics in search engines. On page optimization plays key role in the site ranking, as title and descriptions visible in to the search engines result pages when a user searches and types any related keyword and key phrase. On page optimization is not related to design of the websites, as websites designed once in beginning and it remains constants for long time while on page factors need time to time checking and changing for indexing. The most important issues related to on page optimization are meta tags, URLs, usability, navigation, index options and no follow, heading tags, sitemaps, redirects, multi languages issue, pagination, canonical URLs, duplicate content, robots.txt, schema snippets, sub-domains, folders and others
2 - Social Media : Social Media play important role to bring traffics on websites which boosts your business. Social Media also increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the web sites, both factors play big role in websites ranking. A page or content which is viral on social sites is also given importance by search engines too. So, social media are good plate form to promote our web pages, websites, contents and products. The most important social media signals for SEO are shares and Likes on Face book, links to Tweets and Retweets on Twitter, Shares and +1 on Google+ and Pins on pinterest.
3 - Contents: It is said that content is the king for Ranking and as well as for traffic. A website which has fresh and original content then its ranking would good and would trust able for the users too. Google Panda came in to existence to remove the bad and thin content as people like the good quality and fresh content. In case of articles and blogs, good contents have its regular readers and followers on internet which provide good traffics. A good and quality content always attracts the visitors on social media and organic traffic. In this way you get more traffic and back links from these sources if your contents are fresh and natural.
4 - Author Rank : Google+ play very important role in getting traffic and in high search engine's result pages(SERP). By configuring Google own profile every author can links his/her own article with Google+ by using authorship markup and rel=author. Active participation in Google+ increases the websites rankings in Google. Articles which have higher Author Ranks are visible higher in Search Engines Result Pages (SERP). Google + are very important to increase Author Ranks and thus high SERP of a website.

5 - Mobile: Researches Shows that more than 25 % of all web traffic comes from mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. A good webmaster would not ignore this traffic and would create a mobile supporting website. The best approach to materialize this traffic is to build your website responsive. A responsive website would able to open on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. By making responsive websites we can gain traffics from all media including mobiles and tablets.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Top SEO Trends Dominating in Online Marketing

SEO is a wide and much interested topic to discuss on Internet. It has become one of the most popular topics in the field of Internet marketing or online marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and branding of business. We have seen in the past that Google has changed it strategies many time and thus we changed our SEO strategies accordingly. Many of our strategies failed to attain good SERP and many of them we got success to get good SERP. We cannot for cost that which strategy would get success and which one would not. In field of SEO success and failure of strategies can estimate only after experiments of that strategy which we apply. Some of strategies which have successfully experimented by webmasters are as follow –
1-Google Authorship: As rich snippets came in existence, business owner’s realized the importance of Google Authorship and using Author Rank seriously. Google has confirmed that they use Author Rank in to the Ranking, after that most of the business owners using this strategy to attain good rank. Authorship Snippets increase the reputation and trustworthiness of authors as well as on which the content is published.
2-Social Media: Social media are playing big role in diverting traffics towards websites by referrals and also in content spreading. Brands are realizing the importance of social media to attract traffic towards it. According to recent researches Face book drove 21.25% off all traffic sites receive, Pinterest came in 2nd at just 7% of all traffic and Twitter with 1% of all website traffic. These social sites help business owners to promote their brands, contents and websites to their target market.
3-Content Marketing: Content Marketing is one of the most important strategies to brands awareness, authority, credibility, and social media awareness and conversation rates.

4-Guest Blogging: Guest blogging was big step in the SEO for SEO professionals and online marketers; they use guest blogging for link building, brand authority, credibility and other benefits. But one should follow the Mat Cuts statements of “good “guest blogging and “bad” guest blogging. Bad guest blogging means of getting links while good guest blogging means contributing good content to build your audience reputation. Guest blogger should follow the Mat Cuts statements of good guest blogging.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Can We Make Our Work Popular?

In this modern Internet world nothing is impossible to expose anything on internet .If someone is talented or have such a quality which can attract the people of internet itself.  If you are connected to internet through Social Media or any other medium then expose of your work  is very easy. If you think that no one will respect your work then this is your big fault. Keep in mind that no one will faith in you or in your work without visiting your work and this is possible only when you spread your work under people visibility .I accept that majority of people will reject you or will criticize your work but very few people will also praise your work and encourage you. These few people will act like a catalyst which will make you energetic and devotion towards your work. These positive thinker people will guide you in your work but don’t forgot those people who criticized you .Concentrate on your work and don’t leave it ,latter these negative people will also be your follower.

There are many IT talented guys like web developer, web designer, search engine optimizer and content writers etc who are struggling for recognition of their works. I suggest to these talented guys that expose your work on social sites like Face Book, Twitter, linked in, Google Plus, You Tube and many more. You know that these social sites are means of communication to the people of all over world. You can find here all type of clients of your interests. Add them in your Social media Circle communicate them and show your work them. Keep in mind that these clients would be your future’s clients hence don’t cheat them and try to be honest. Once you lose your trust then it would be very hard to bring things on track. So, go ahead and follow these steps to expose your talent on World Wide Web. We all know that “Where there is Will There is a Way”.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scope of SEO Services in India

We all are aware about internet, as it has become part of our daily lives. Popularity of Internet is increasing day by day and we are now more dependent on internet. People of every age group enjoying internet on their computers and as well as on mobiles. Now, many social sites like face book, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are pulling traffic of youngsters towards its. Due to these online shopping, internet marketing and online marketing systems spread all over the Globe. This huge online selling market, boomed Search Engine Optimization Industry rapidly. Thus, we can say that SEO plays a very important role on the internet to boost the business. Search Engine optimization make your site visible on high rank in search engine results and thus increase traffic on your sites and boost your business, as we know more eyes and more buys.
                          In India, SEO services are growing rapidly because trend of online marketing is increasing day by day. Owners of commercial websites are availing SEO Services for increasing visibility of their website. If a websites have huge traffics then its earnings would be more because visitors convert in to customers as they do on line shopping.
                     India has good rank in software development and this make India better in SEO Services also. Here is lots of Multinational Companies which offers website designing, development and SEO services together on affordable rates. In compare to India, SEO services are costly in other parts of Globe. So, this cost margin pulls online business owners to adapt SEO Services in India. Thus, we can imagine that Scope of SEO Services in India is bright.